Will I get transferred out of Pune?

17 Jan

This question was asked by Male Jataka on 20/6/2003 in Pune. Time was 8:45PM. I asked him to concentrate on the question and give KP number between 1 to 249. So he gave 133.

I erected Horary chart for KP number 133 at 8:49PM.

transfer from pune


CSL of 10th house is not retrograde, and its star lord is also not retrograde. Also if it signifies 3rd house then transfer is promised. Also at the same time if Dasa Lord is also strong significator of 3rd house, than Jataka will be transferred to another city.

In the chart, 10th house CSL is Mars. Mars in 4th house and is lord of 2nd and 7th house. Mars in Star of Rahu, so we need to see Rahu’s significance.

Rahu placed in 7. Rahu is aspected by Mars and Mars signifies 4 | 2,7 as seen above.
Rahu is conjuncted by none. Rahu is in star of Ravi 8 | 11
Rahu in Venus Rasi, and venus 8 | 1, 8 star lord Moon 5 | 10

As we can see, 3rd house is not indicated, hence we can say that transfer is not promised for this Jataka. But we also need to analyse Dasa.

At that time, running dasa for the chart was, jupitor – mercury – mercury.

Jupitor in 10th house lord of 3 and 6. Jupitor in star of  Mercury placed in 8th house (tension, stress) and lord of 9 and 12.

Antardasa lord Mercury 8 | 9 , 12 in star of  Moon placed in 5th house and lord of 10th house.

Vidasa Lord Mercury same as above.

It seems that the present bhukti is strong significator of 10th house and also 10th CSL in horary chart signifies 10th and 11th house. These house denotes Promotion in job.

Hence we concluded that the Jataka will not get transferred outside Pune and is likely to get promoted.

Result: This Jataka was transferred and promoted to a very important post in Pune itself.


4 Responses to “Will I get transferred out of Pune?”

  1. Vivek December 22, 2011 at 4:40 PM #

    10SL MARS and its star lord RAHU both were in Fixed signs.Is this the reason for his transfer in PUNE itself and not outside pune?

    • nileshgawde December 22, 2011 at 5:02 PM #

      10th sublord Mars in posited in 4th house (his present location, traveling from this location is seen from 3rd/9th/12th house). Mars sub-lord Rahu is again aspected by Mars from 4th house. As 10th sublord signifies 4th house jataka was not transferred. Fixed sign says that the present condition will not change soon.
      important is 4th house here.

  2. shanti ss June 11, 2014 at 5:19 PM #

    i want to know that my father has applied for transfer when he will get that that to the place which we want and is there any remedy for getting transfer as early as possible

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